Danny Doon

Danny Doon

Chinatown Melbourne

"Jin not only provided a totally fresh appearance, but has made it easier to use by the consumer with clear and easy to follow messages. The Chinatown Precinct Association highly recommends Jin."

Chinatown Melbourne - Home page

The brief was a re-design that enabled people to more easily find restaurants and businesses in Melbourne's Chinatown. The website is being developed further, with Mobile optimisation, making it even easier to find what you want on a mobile, when out and about.


About Chinatown Melbourne

Chinatown Melbourne -

WE SOLVE it! Online

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Mary Manning

School Library Association of Victoria

"In the development of WE SOLVE it! Inquiry online, Jin was able to identify and transform the key elements of a print text into an interactive, digital format in a most engaging and accessible way.

He listens! Clean design, clear instructions and the retention of educational objectives make this site most successful."

WE SOLVE it! - 3D objects

This interactive website focuses on the student as they explore information, ideas and track and evaluate their progress in an independent inquiry.

3D models of mystery objects from the State Library's collection, random question-generator and targeted web 2.0 applications inspire students as they formulate questions, build background knowledge, and digitally publish their research.


For WE SOLVE it! Online we implemented:
  • Avatar creation
    that saved to their user profile
  • 3D model Manipulation
    of items from the State Library of Victoria
  • Collaborative tools
    for students to work with peers and teachers
  • Question Generator
    a standalone web, iPhone and iPad app
  • Web 2.0 app
    selector, for students to build research
  • Document creation tools
    for students to create, publish and share their work

Rotate and select objects from the State Library of Victoria Collection in 3D

WE SOLVE it! - 3D objects

Question Generator iPhone App

WE SOLVE it! Object select

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